Buying Process


Identify Your Wants and Needs

By understanding your wants, needs and timeline, we can suggest your best plan of action.


Pre-Qualification Process

Pre-Approval establishes your price range. A pre-approval from a bank or a mortgage broker costs you nothing, carries no obligation to the institution and protects you from rising interest rates for up to 3-4 months.


Organize Home Showings and Provide Information on Target Markets

You can access properties on-line at the same time we, as real estate professionals do. Together we will select the right homes to view at a time that is most convenient for all. When there are changes to your search criteria or changes to one of the listings, you will receive either an email or a phone call promptly.


Offer is Written With The Terms And Conditions You Want

Once you find the right home and make the decision to purchase it, you will want to move quickly. With my help, your offer is written on your terms. With professional guidance, your offer is correct and all conditions you require are included. If you need it, you will get the time to consult with banks, appraisers, building inspectors, and family – without pressure. With these conditions written in for your protection, you can move quickly and confidently to secure the home you desire.


Representation During The Presentation Of Offer/Negotiating

Most people list their homes expecting to negotiate. Usually room for negotiation is available. Knowing a property’s selling time on the market and neighborhood prices is valuable when negotiating. I will assist you through the entire buyer experience making sure you have all the information at hand to make the right decisions; so you can get the best purchase price for your new home.


Organize Financing and Building Inspection

The right financing can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage. The other factor contributing to your comfort is hiring a professional home inspector. Having the right professional is the best way to gain peace of mind and guard your pocket book. A proper inspection will cover all areas of the house both structurally and mechanically and give you an objective view of the property. A qualified home inspector will provide you with a written report indicating areas of concern and the estimated cost of repair. Financing and inspection are just a part of the typical conditions.



At the end of this process, you will take possession of your home and move in. This is when you realize that the effort was worth it. There is nothing as rewarding as owning your own home.